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Faith and doubt, last night in the TED office

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There are more things in our collective intelligence than are dreamt of in our philosophy. Just read what Naomi Oreskes, a science historian at Harvard, said at a recent TED Talk. She sees the power of group wisdom. The TED culture post explains Oreskes POV about scientific peer reviews being about the collective knowledge of every scientist who has worked on a problem, which makes the work more reliable. What would’ve Hamlet and Horatio imagined if social media had existed back then? What shall we create now that it’s here?

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Why do we believe the things we believe? Last night's event in the TED office explored this theme. Photo: Ryan Lash Why do we believe the things we believe? Last night’s event in the TED office explored this theme. Photo: Ryan Lash

Beliefs run deep, influencing not just whether we follow a religion but also the choices we make about every aspect of our lives. Belief is something we at TED think a lot about, and last night we held a session in our office dedicated to exploring what we believe and why we believe it. The evening was hosted by TEDx Talks manager David Webber and co-curated with TEDx staffer Simon Marcus.

The night began with Ruth Chang, a philosophy professor at Rutgers University, talking about what makes a choice easy or hard. In an easy choice, one option is clearly more desirable; on the other hand, “Hard choices are hard because there’s no best option,” she said. In a hard choice—be it about a job or where to…

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