You Push and I Pelt

Learning From How The Flowers Felt

You Push and I’ll Pelt

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I love that I discovered this post today, as I attempted to locate my own blog on wordpress. Frost’s poems live on, as he motivates, comforts and shows us we are not alone.

Barrett on Buildings

 Helping someone you love move away is such a strange feeling. I don’t mean packing up the boxes. I mean taking the trip with them to the new place and helping them move in. Helping them leave you behind. Of course the very worst thing of all is to be the other one, after it’s all over, as your friend drives away and you are left alone in the weird echo silence of the new place. Ears perked up, tail between your legs,  brow furrowed at all the new noises. At least if you are the one who helped them move, then you occupy yourself with driving back and the changing roadside views, and when you get home at least you have your old stuff to distract you.

The argument can be made both ways. But I know the truth. The truth is that the one who’s worst off is…

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Author: Julia

I am a writer, storyteller, dreamer and avid researcher. If Monet had painted me as a child, an oil painting of a young girl writing poetry upon a three foot boulder in the woods would be hanging in the Philadelphia Art museum. I am passionate about my ideals. I love new and abstract concepts, taking the path less traveled, reading classic literature, poetry and music and talking about them with friends. Nature inspires me and I respect it. When a spider creeps into my bathtub, I set it free because killing it shakes the universe. For an introvert, I live an adventurous life always trying to be the person my son will admire.

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