You Push and I Pelt

Learning From How The Flowers Felt


I did not reflect on my 40th birthday nearly four years ago. I simply cried that I was old. I howled when I realized I was older than my mother was when, as a child, I remarked to her “40? That’s old!”
Please allow me to provide my my own insights.
1. The world stays the same, We gain and lose a variety of perspectives along the way.
2. Traveling will demonstrate to us that we have more in common with other people than we could have possibly imagined was the case, especially if we had only relied on the news.
3. People will let you down, and tear your heart out. They will betray you and hate you for no good reason.
4. People will amaze you with their acts of kindness, particularly those you thought had given enough.
5. Age does not bring wisdom to all – choose wisely to whom you pay attention and to whom you hand your trust.
6. A scattered approach is the sign of a creative mind. Discipline gathers the pieces together somewhere down the line. Trust the process. Don’t make lists. You’ll forget where you put them.
7. Many people are good, but there is evil in our souls.
8. Fight the urge to care for your own first. It’s in our nature, but we’re all the same at our core.
9. Animals suffer from our gluttonous consumption. You will be judged by how you treated the creatures of the Earth. You shake the universe with the splat of an insect.
10. Childcare means very different things to different people and so does house cleaning.
11. Get your hands dirty. Make messes.
12. Stereotypes are rooted in truth from the past, but you need not subscribe to them. Be the change you want to see in the world (That sentence, of course, is plagiarized).
13. Don’t fear plagiarism. Being copied is the ultimate compliment. There are no new ideas.
14. Watch Star Trek – everything you need to know about life and a better future is in there.<br />
15. Humans waste great innovations until leaders show them how not to.
16. War determines the victor who then determines history.
17. Be childlike and respect a child’s point of view, for it is closer to God.
18. Bad customer service really stinks and something smells rotten in Denmark (and most other places).
19. Exponential population growth is destroying our planet. We need a plague or a plan.
20. If you can’t enjoy the moment, then you’re entire life is fucked.
21. Boredom is for the weak minded. Life and people provide too much fodder for story telling.
22. Change politics. Every incumbent in the western world is corrupt.
23. Be kind, and know your enemies.
24. Be funny. Life is too important to be taken seriously.
25. Question everything – for most of it is made up by another human just like you.
26. Read, Read, Read! For God’s sake man! Read more books and articles than you write.
27. If you have a dream go for it even though you probably will fail. Remember it’s the journey that matters, and failures are stepping stones to success.
28. Human beings are hypocrites. Nature has integrity.
29. Stop coddling children. Grimm’s Fairy Tales are awfully scary. Not everyone is a winner. In fact, nobody escapes life unscathed or alive. The children of today will be the same scarred, imperfect humans we are.
30. Strive to be childlike not childish.
31. Mom and Dad did the best they could do with what they were given, and chances are they fucked up, but after 40, that’s no longer an acceptable excuse for anything.
32. Mainstream schooling is an outdated construct and a wretched failure. If you have children, home school them if you want them to learn anything of value.
33. Be accepting of things you cannot change. Change the things you can.
34. Charity begins at home.
35. Move your body. It is good for the soul. Dance alone in the rain and sing loudly.
36. Volunteer your time. It’s worth more than money or gifts because nobody else wants to do it.
37. Get worked up over little things, medium things, big things. There is too much apathy in our world.
38. Do what you can. Even small steps make a difference. Don’t hoard.
39. Although this life is one of many and the universe is more than our petty minds can fathom, go forth in this focus as though you’ve got one shot.
40. Be interesting so that somebody else wants to listen to you. Perhaps someone will stand on your shoulders one day. Maybe one day we will fold space and time to prove there is more in Heaven and Earth than was dreamt of in our stone age philosophy.


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