You Push and I Pelt

Learning From How The Flowers Felt

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White Devil

Racist! White Devil,” she spews

Her lips bristle—an angry red

Her skin rich, glowing brown like melted dark caramel

She is beautiful

This killer winging daggers at my ignorance

I dodge the blades and silently think

“Even translucent white devils bear crosses!”

I think this

When later the Director inhales deeply

Frowns and with furrowed brow

Dismisses me

—the racist white devil—

I recall the first Director of my fate

“You must learn how to please me,” he announced

His pale thin lips smirk

His skin dull white like paper

He is ugly

The sumo wrestler who first smothered my body and soul

Who pinned my fate to a need for escape

I silently thought

“I wish the war had perverted his body too!”

I thought this

When he inhaled deeply

Frowned and with furrowed brow

Pushed himself inside me

He never leaves me that putrid white devil

He never


Leaves me